investments / investment philosphy

Opportunities always exist

The combination of art and science in investing is what makes it beautiful and challenging. We favor opportunities in secular growth areas that will shape the future, while balancing short term visibility with long term opportunity.

We have 5 principles that guide our investment decision making process



Great investment opportunities can come from anywhere. We seek opportunities in traditional and alternative asset classes in both the public and private markets across the globe.



We believe that the financial markets are generally efficient, but fear and uncertainty can create opportunities to find great bargains.



We have a strong appreciation for what we do not know. We aim to invest in opportunities that we assess to have at least twice the upside relative to downside, creating a reasonable margin of safety.



Fundamental research and quantitative data guide our  investment decision-making process. New investments are made with an expected holding period of at least one year with a disciplined focus on long-term preservation of capital.



Sustainability is just as much about being financially responsible as it is an opportunity to achieve strong financial returns over the long term. We favor investment opportunities that do not sacrifice future growth for near-term results.