Fire Capital is recognized as a Best for the World™ B Corp of 2022!

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Alyssa Heath
Published on
July 14, 2022

We are beyond happy to share that we’ve been recognized as one of the Best for the World™ B Corps of 2022!

To be recognized as "Best for the World," B Corps must have scores in the top 5% of one or more of the five assessed impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Customers. Out of 5,000 Certified B Corporations worldwide, Fire Capital Management was ranked among the top 5% of B Corps in the Customers impact area of our size group. This is a recognition that makes us incredibly proud, particularly given that all B Corps are businesses that have already established high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose!

Our continuous commitment towards our clients and our efforts to build a strong sustainable investment process helped us achieve a higher score in the Customers impact area. As an investment management firm, we were specifically assessed on the following:

1.      Customer Stewardship: How we’re monitoring our client satisfaction, retention and feedback.

2.      Targeted for Investment: The percentage of our assets undermanagement (“AUM”) that are positive impact, ESG-screened investments, and invested for shareholder advocacy purposes.

3.      Investment Criteria: The processes, policies and practices that we have in place to evaluate ESG criteria for investments, allocation of staff time and resources for this purpose, and utilization of third-party ratings. For example, we have implemented a strong sustainability policy that informs our investment processes and we utilize third party research and ratings, such as MSCI, to evaluate companies' environmental, social and governance performance.

4.      Leadership & Outreach: The ways in which we provide client education and the co-development of an investment policy statement (“IPS”) that addresses issues regarding environmental, social and governance goals as well as appropriate investment objectives and constraints.

5.      Portfolio Management: How Fire Capital is monitoring, reporting and improving ESG performance of our client portfolios and incorporating a sustainable proxy voting policy.

6.      Portfolio Reporting: Our annual impact reporting practices and transparency of proxy voting records and shareholder advocacy.

We’re honored that in our first year as a B Corp, we received this recognition. We will continue working hard to improve our service to our clients and to enhance our efforts to positively impact all of our stakeholders.  Congrats to all of our fellow Best for the World winners!


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